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- We have two Homes now, for we are from two nations. One is in Accra, in Ghana, and the other one is in Berlin/Germany -
The Volta River in Ghana - Klick Here !
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Obroni Farms Ghana - Our African Bio-Farm In Ghana :

( Steffen And Gloria Bieser - Our Farm Project In Ghana / West-Africa )


Snail-Farming In Ghana - For More Info - Click Here !
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( Certified And Approved Organic Farming ! )

  - Please read our introduction before you proceed -

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I. Our Greetings From Ghana - Peace And Grace Be With You :

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Welcome in Ghana - Welcome in West-Africa :

Hi, to all. We are Steffen and Gloria Bieser, and together, we run the "Obroni Farms Ghana," in the "Eastern Region" in Ghana, one of the 10 States/i.e. Districts of Ghana, in West-Africa. Just click the following link, to see our new own farmland here, which is in a very fruitful farm area ...

"Obroni" means white man, in "Twi," one of the main Ghanaian languages. When people see a white person in Ghana, they usally point with their fingers on you, and scream : "Obroni, Obroni."

Usually they call you "Obroni" all the time. My wife, for exmample, is now called "Obroni Wife." - I knew, that when we open our farm, they will call it secretly "Obroni Farm." So I found it a bit funny to call our Farm : "Obroni Farm," for they will call it that way anyway, around here. This is the main reason, behind the name of our farm. In Ghana, everyone understands, what it means !

Snail-Farming In Ghana - For a fullsize picture view - Click Here !
Foto © Angelika Benninger: - More about the Achatina Snail - Mehr über Achatschnecken

| Our Farm Land | About The Farm | Business Proposal | About The Profits | Investment I | Investment II |

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II. A Good Question :

By the way : "Did you read our introduction yet ?" - It will help you, to get a better picture, about us, and our very interesting farm business. Many nice pictures, about the farm, the landscape, local people, wildlife, and the fauna and flora in our area. It will make your visit here worthwhile. See also, how you also can really profit from our ideas. Enjoy your visit, and relax ...

Learn here all about our expertice, our work, daily shedules, and routines ! - For more info about how you can profit too, with our high profit business, just see all the links on this site :

III. A Short Navigation Assistance :

You'll find out so pretty much everything about us, if you go through all our pages. Just follow the links on the top and bottom of each page. If you click the links : "sitemap," or "index," you will find a complete listing of all our sub pages, with all our interests, hobbies, our very interesting business plans, pictures, photo galleries, and much more. Kick back, and enjoy our site.

For the latest news and updates about our familiy - please click here - Thanks for visiting !

>>> please read our introduction before you proceed <<<

Spacer - English Greetings From Ghana !

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Here in Berlin/Germany, it is now :

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